Academic Policy

St Philip's College aims for a high standard of academic achievement and strives for a high Year 12 pass rate. While recognising that each student must accept the ultimate responsibility for academic performance the College offers a great deal of academic support for all students who require it.

Please click here to view the Examination Timetable for 2016.


Homework Centre

The library is the Homework Centre and is staffed from Monday to Friday until 4.30pm by teaching staff in a supervisory capacity.  It is supervised by library staff until 6.30pm from Monday to Thursday and until 5.30pm on Fridays.  It is expected that students attending the homework centre undertake their own quiet work.

Subject help sessions are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in English, Mathematics and Science subjects from around 3.15pm to 4.30pm in various rooms outlined below.  One of the computer rooms, room 19, is also open on these same days for students needing to use a computer.  There are a small number of computers in the library for general student use at other times.

Day Subject Teacher Room Number
Tuesday Computer Room Open Mr Cliffe 19
Tuesday English Help - all levels Ms Klein 16
Tuesday Maths Help - junior levels Mr Mostert 24
Tuesday Maths Help - senior levels Mr Nair 34
Tuesday Science Help - all levels Ms Dakin 20
Wednesday Computer Room Open Ms Anderson 19
Wednesday English Help - senior levels Mrs Vida 15
Wednesday English Help - junior levels Mr Wright 16
Wednesday Maths Help - all levels Mr Ritchie 24
Wednesday Science Help - junior & senior Biology Ms Frank 20
Wednesday Science Help - Junior & senior Chemistry Mrs Hawkins 61
Thursday Computer Room Open Ms La Palombara 19
Thursday  English Help - all levels Ms Phillips 16
Thursday English Help - senior levels Mrs Vida 15
Thursday  Maths Help - all levels Mr Kimber 24
Thursday Science Help - all levels Ms Collins 61

Please read the College's Student Promotion Policy for further clarity on the expectation of active participation by our students so they can succeed at the College.