Fred McKay Museum

The museum is the Keeping Place for the Spirit of the Outback, named after St Philip’s College founder and successor to Rev John Flynn, the Rev Dr Fred McKay.

A ‘keeping place’ of the spirit of the Outback – celebrating the life and work of Rev Fred McKay, an Australian ‘hero’ told in a way that will inspire and encourage current and future generations of Australians. Housed in the Fred McKay Education Centre at St Philip's College, a symbolic building reflecting Outback themes and materials – an attraction in itself!

It’s a place for storytelling and sharing knowledge about Outback Australia – a source of written, aural and pictorial history which will enrich the experience of those visiting the Outback and wanting to learn more about it and the people who live here past and present. It’s also a teaching facility for young people interested in tourism, hospitality and museum studies. The museum is part of the Flynn Trail and is open during school days from 9am to 11am.