Sunsmart School

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Research suggests that at least two-thirds of all melanomas occurring in Australia can be prevented if children are protected from the sun during their first 15 years. Skin damage, including skin cancer, is the result of cumulative exposure to the sun. Research shows that severe sunburn is a contributor to skin cancer and other forms of skin damage such as sunspots, blemishes and premature ageing. Most skin damage and skin cancer is therefore preventable. St Philip’s College realises the need to educate students about SunSmart behaviour, thus reducing the risk of students sustaining skin damage from exposure to the sun.

The College believes that students should also wear hats to and from school. As this requirement is difficult to enforce, the School has drafted this policy on the basis that parents take primary responsibility for their children(s) sun safety and that students comply with the School’s sun safety measures.

Sun safety measures should be applied year round in Alice Springs, given our unique climate. On the rare days that the UV index is less than three, there is no need to apply any sun protection measures.

Students are expected to:

• be aware of the College’s SunSmart policy;
• use shaded or covered areas, where possible, for outdoor activities;
• take responsibility for their own health and safety by being SunSmart;
• comply with SunSmart rules and guidelines by wearing hats and sunscreen while at School and outdoors; and
• act as positive role models for other students in all aspects of SunSmart behaviour.


Summer and Winter Uniform

 Girls: official College broad brimmed ‘Anna’ style hat, or College bucket hat available at the Uniform Shop
 Boys: official College boys’ broad brimmed hat or College bucket hat available at the Uniform Shop
Physical Education, Sport Classes and Sports Carnivals
Boys and girls must wear either the College cap or bucket hat for Physical Education and Sport classes and when attending Sports Carnivals. Their teacher will provide guidance about which sports do not allow hats to be worn for safety or other reasons


Sunscreen should be applied before students come to school and students should have access to their own sunscreen for re-application as required. A sunscreen dispenser is available for student use at Student Access and in the Sports Stadium. On sports days, additional sunscreen is available for students to use after their initial application before leaving home.