Career Pathways

University? Fulltime Work? Apprenticeship? There are a wide range of options and pathways for students beyond Year 12. As a school we commence the exploration process through opportunities for VET courses and Work Experience from Year 10 onwards. To help explore possibilities that might be right for students, we have put together a range of links below.

If you have any further questions regarding apprenticeships, university applications or SACE/NTCET requirements please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated staff members in this area:

Nicole Evans                 VET Coordinator                           
                                      School Based Apprenticeships

Madeleine Hart              NTCET/SACE Coordinator          

Ernie Fleming                Career Advisor                             

See also the Community Tertiary Scholarships page on this St Philip’s website.

What would suit me?

There are many online and face-to-face resources to help coach students in discovering possible career pathways that may suit them. Below are some frequently used sites to help. St Philip’s College Career Advisor also can assist students who need further help in this process.



This site gives you information about study options in the NT, undergraduate courses, post-grad courses, TAFE and all the latest news on university scholarships and government grants and subsidies.

Matching who you are with what you’re good at seems like a great idea, yet most people are in jobs that don’t match their personal style and natural talent. As a result they’re not happy at work.
Skillsroad Career Quiz can help you to …

Connect WHO you are with WHAT you’re naturally good at

Uncover your strengths and talents so you can make the right choices


This is Federal Government site. It provides information on how you can manage your career, discover occupations, explore industries, browse career articles, search for courses, browse tertiary institutions and browse companies etc.

MY CAREER MATCH - contact the College Career Advisor for a login code.


Our St Philip’s Career Advisor organises annual visits from various universities to the College, as well as providing support for the application process.
St Philip’s can also provide information on how to take the UMAT or SAT tests.
As there are hundreds of university courses, students are advised to spend time looking at the various university websites in areas of interest.


Choose a university or higher education institution that is best for you.
The QILT site allows you to compare undergraduate student experience and graduate employment.

To understand SATAC Scaling and what ATAR means watch this video

University application links – usually open in August each year. This is for all universities in SA & NT  This is for all universities in Victoria and some Tasmanian universities This is for most universities in NSW & Canberra This is for most universities in Queensland but also some northern NSW and Tasmanian ones This is for most universities in Western Australia


Department of Education and Training (DET) has produced the Beyond School Study Guide  - the guide is a digital resource for Year 10-12 students providing information about Australian Government assistance so they are able to make informed choices about their future studies.


Thinking about an apprenticeship? Get online and look at the different industries. Test yourself to see if you are ready for your chosen path.


Information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.