Year 11: NTCE Stage 1



Our aim in 2020 is to continue to provide our senior students with every means available to achieve success in their chosen course.  At the senior level, students are expected to take greater responsibility for their own academic performance and behaviour.  Consequently they will experience a different relationship with staff.  Students who were with us in Year 10 would have begun to experience this difference.

We think there is much to be gained by completing Year 11 and Year 12 at St Philip’s.  We offer programs and support which provide more than just a good academic outcome.  We believe students need to achieve balance in their lives through opportunities to develop personal and life skills, to learn to work efficiently and to still have time to play.

All students are encouraged to realise their potential.  A whole range of leadership opportunities and experience opens up in Year 11.  The Year 11 Leadership Course is considered by many to be the highlight of their school years and the particular event which gives them the confidence to set and reach their goals.  The Leadership Course, if completed satisfactorily, credits the student with 2 units towards completion of the Northern Territory Certificate of Education. 

Year 11 is a demanding year.  Some students will already know exactly which career path they intend to follow.  Others will be a little unsure.  In Year 11 students should follow their interests and their aspirations whilst keeping in mind the requirements of completing the NTCE.

Focus on gaining the best possible results. 

There is a range of support services available at the College and it is imperative that you grasp these opportunities and make the most of them.

If you have any questions at all regarding the Senior School and/or Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses please email the Director of Learning & Curriculum, Mr Steve Kimber.

Last but not least, choose your subjects wisely with your future in mind
and enjoy your final senior years at St Philip’s College.