Transferring to St Philip’s

Since the day it opened in 1989 St Philip's has numbered amongst its students the children of US personnel based in Alice Springs.

Many have returned to the USA to complete their secondary education or enrol in university or college. We continue to receive letters attesting to their success, based on grades obtained here, and expressing the opinion that their whole educational experience has been advantageous and memorable.

Students can sit for their SAT here in Alice Springs. At St Philip's we teach French and Japanese but arrangements can be made for students to continue with the study of other languages.

It is important for students coming from overseas to remember that in Australia the school year begins in January, not August/September.

Students arriving half way through the year, whether from overseas or from other Australian states, will be carefully assessed. The transition is not always straight forward because while subjects may remain the same, the material may not always be taught in the same sequence. An 'A' student may find their grades drop if they have missed significant amounts of material taught here in the first half of a year-long course. There can also be significant differences in topics covered in particular year levels.

Experience has taught us that there is already a great deal of pressure on students who are adapting to the climate, learning the routine of a new school, establishing new friendships and often wanting to be involved in the many extra curricular activities offered by the College.

We suggest that a student can often gain more by dropping back rather than struggling to catch up simply to maintain their year level. The risks are loss of confidence, self esteem and a love of learning.

To gain their NTCE - final Year 12 qualification and basis for university entrance - students in the NT must complete a specific pattern of subjects taken over Years 11 and 12. Credit for any of these subjects taken elsewhere - in Australia or overseas - is not automatically given. End of year examinations in the NT are normally held in November.

We strongly believe that education is more than academic results. Your student will be encouraged to take part in our annual musical, in drama, music and dance classes, the annual Eisteddfod, our challenging Outdoor Education program, to play sport, debate, take part in local, NT and national competitions such as Mock Trials, Youth Parliament and Constitutional Conventions. Public speaking, leadership and community service are viewed as life skills worth learning and which often given give a student a vital 'edge'.

Experienced, senior staff make every effort to ensure the smoothest possible transition for students from another school to St Philip's, and back again, if necessary. You can be sure that they have done this many times before.