Annual Awards

Academic Awards are given for outstanding performance at all year levels - Year 12 Graduation and Years 7-11 Academic Assembly. Congratulations to the students listed below for receiving the following awards in 2015.

Year 12 Graduation Awards 2016


Dux of the College 2016 - M'Bantua Rotary Club Award

Dean Sullivan

Year 12 (NT Board of Studies Prize)

Dean Sullivan

Year 12 Indigenous Student Certificate of Merit
(NT Board of Studies Prize)

Brianna McGillivray

Charles Darwin University Award for Academic Excellence

River Pachulicz

Lahni Shilton






Jasmin Smith


Lahni Shilton



English Studies

Dean Sullivan


Ruby Robertson Power

English Communications

Azlin Auckburally


Tiana Bateman

English Pathways

Helena Warrior

Work Place Practice

Braydon Weily

Mathematical Pathways

Braydon Weily


Tiana Bateman

Gabrielle Borchers

Specialist Mathematics

Dean Sullivan

Mathematical Studies

Dean Sullivan


Dean Sullivan

Mathematical Applications

Gabrielle Borchers

Business & Enterprise

Lahni Shilton

Legal Studies

Edward Lines


River Pachulicz


Timothy Torzsok


River Pachulicz


Gabrielle Borchers


Benjamin King

Japanese Continuers

Mitali Rawat

Physical Education

Paul Blackman


Hannah McMullin

Visual Art

Ruby Robertson Power


Kevin Jacob


Jacqueline Keane


Peniche Reu





G&S Transport Trade Award 

Brianna McGillivray

Royal Institute of Naval Architects Award

Stuart Berriman

BIZCOM Excellence in Information Technology - Information Technology

David Crowe





VET Achiever of the Year

Selina Campbell

Science Achiever Award

River Pachulicz





Des Vida Award (for leadership and commitment to Outdoor Education)

Lachlan Saunders

Year 12 Effort and Determination

Alex Ashley



Principal's Prize for Outstanding Leadership within the College

Kevin Jacob


Krydence Schwalger

Principal's Award for Dedication to Duty (in memory of Sketch)

Joshua Gee

Butcher Award for Outstanding Effort

Katricia Campbell

Mr Shaun Student Community Service Award

Ruby Robertson Power

Brad Morris Award 

Paul Blackman

Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Dean Sullivan

Niko Becker Award

River Pachulicz

King Constantine Medal 

Peniche Reu

Sports Leadership Award

Timothy Torzsok

Araluen Arts Award (for most outstanding contribution to Drama)

Isaac Marshall

Liana Nappi Memorial Award (for outstanding contribution to the Performing Arts)

Mungo Oster



Dr Bruce Reid Memorial Award (for initiative and creativity)

Peniche Reu

The Heaslip Award; 'In Pursuit of Excellence'

Dean Sullivan


Year 7 - 11 Academic Assembly 2016


Year 7 Dux

Alli Anderson

Bo Zeng

Year 8 Dux

Kieran Lelis

Year 9 - NT Board of Studies Prize

Keraro Ogendi

Year 10

Dominic Boffa



Year 11

Kai Simpson



Effort and Determination Awards


Year 7

Mia Kurrajong

Year 8

Zoe Daly



Year 9

Monique chong

Year 10

Phillip Sullivan

Year 11

Jessica Tieck



G&S Transport Trade Award


Year 10

Ryan Bell

Year 11

Ned Syme

Indigenous Science Encouragement Award


Year 10

Lachlan Rothwell

Year 11

Yonathon Boyle



Music Scholarships 2017



Leah Bateman



Junior Music Encouragement Award

Declan Pascoe



Year 10 Achievement Award

Gabrielle Coffey

Phil Walcott Senior Humanitarian Youth Award

Robert McCormick


Phillip Sullivan

Phil Walcott Junior Humanitarian Youth Award

Lucy McCullough


Ainslie Pollitt

Kurt Hahn Achievement Award


Christian Leadership Award

Danica Lammertsma

Australia Day Council School Citizenship Award

Ruby Farthing

Member of Araluen's Prize for Outstanding Involvement in the College



Niamh Corcoran


Leah Bateman

Outdoor Education Awards


Lone Dingo Adventure Prize for Outstanding Participation in the Year 11 Leadership Course

Ruby Farthing

Oliver Hartung



Boarding House Awards


Good Samaritan Award

Hamish Wark


Jordan Nicolle

Boarding House Encouragement Award

Jordan Keating


Ruby Kunoth-Monks-McNamee

Boarding House Team Player Award

Sebastian Elvey


Arena Wheeler

Boys' Boarding Ambassador

Philip Sullivan

Congratulations to the 98 students who received Honours.