What is it? The College counselling team, provided by St Philip's College is available to help all students with aspects of their lives including personal and family related experiences. Support people - Counsellor, Tim Donovan, Tarn Kaldor.

How could the Counsellor support you?

- Help you to appreciate that we are here to support you and sharing about your experiences can be beneficial.

- They can assist you in living your life in the way you want to.

- Experiences that can be talked about when consulting with a counsellor -

◦                 Depression & Anxiety

◦                 Addictions i.e. drug and alcohol challenges, internet usage

◦                 Eating disorders

◦                 Relationship/friendship challenges

◦                 Sexuality

◦                 Sexual assaults

◦                 Grief & Loss challenges

◦                 Stress / school challenges

◦                 Bullying/harassment

◦                 Parental support

- The counsellor can assist you in reaching your desired goals, hopes and dreams.

- The counsellor can support you to come up with your own solutions and already used skills when navigating the challenges you have been experiencing in life.
- Refer you on to an outside agency if necessary (These agencies are often able to see you on the school site).


You may make an appointment by:

- directly seeing a member of the counselling team

- email:

- through your Tutor Group teacher or Head of House