Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when:

My child is sick?

Please notify Student Access of your child's absence on 8950 4573 before 8:30am.

My child is late for school?

Your child must report to the Student Access Window to record their arrival time, along with a note from you in their diary explaining their lateness.

My child needs to leave school during the day?

Your child needs to sign out at the Student Access window and must have a note in their diary explaining why they are to leave the College. Only Year 12's are allowed to leave during Lunch or study periods.

My child is unable to wear the correct uniform?

Your child needs to have a note in their diary explaining their incorrect uniform.

My child is unable to participate in PE/Sport/Activities?

Unless the reason is physically obvious (eg crutches) a note should be written in your child's diary.

My child is unable to complete homework/bring the required equipment?

A parent note in your child's diary is required to indicate the reason, and should be shown to their subject teacher.

My child needs to make a phone call?

Students may only use mobile phones at school if permission has been granted by a senior staff member. If your child does not have a mobile phone and needs to make an emergency phone call, they are to ask for assistance at Student Access

Who do I make contact with initially regarding my child?

Your child's Tutor Group teacher or Head of House:

Flynn House - Mrs Michelle Fleming

Griffiths House - Ms Alex Pollitt

McKay House - Ms Roxanne Egan

Partridge House - Mr Stuart Todd

Rolland House - Ms Kate Anderson

Topsy Smith House - Mr Ernie Fleming


For more comprehensive answers, please see the front of your child's diary.