Strategic Plan & General Information

St Philip's is an independent, co-educational day/boarding college run by the Uniting Church. It offers secondary education from Years 7 -12.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for St Philip's College was launched in April 2018, and looks to the future as we prepare our students to flourish, contribute and care in a rapidly changing world. 
The document is a direct result of consultation and prescribing achievable intentions. Download a copy of the St Philip's College Strategic Plan.

Educational Framework

This document is to guide strategy and ongoing development of practice. It is a strategic document, which provides high-level guidance. It will be reviewed each year as we learn and build towards best achieving our purpose - preparing students to flourish, contribute and care in a rapidly changing world and will drive wider strategic and education implementation plans. Download a copy of the St Philip's College Educational Framework.

College Vision

To be a world class school community that excels at: Striving, Seeking, Caring


General Information

This year St Philip's has an enrolment of 750 students, including 50 boarders.


A vibrant community characterised by the diversity of students' backgrounds and aspirations, St Philip's is renowned for its diversity of programs and opportunities.

The student body reflects Alice Springs' multi-cultural mix of people, most of whom have come from somewhere else. Their families include scientists, linguists, teachers, nurses, tradespeople, sociologists, anthropologists, palaeontologists, computer experts, defence personnel and a large American community servicing the US-Australia joint defence force facility at Pine Gap.

Conscious of its geographic isolation St Philip's works hard to ensure this is not a limiting factor for its students. From Years 7 to 12 students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities and opportunities which broaden their horizons.

Students are encouraged to strive for academic excellence and results obtained by the graduating class of 2016 reflect this. St Philip's graduates attend universities in all Australian states and the US, qualified to study everything from medicine to outdoor education, music to information technology.

The College's curriculum and extra curricular programs are designed to appeal to and challenge young people living and learning outside the mainstream of Australian urban society, while at the same time providing them with the key to it.

Explore our website further for details of curriculum, special programs and enrolment information.

Principles Upon Which St Philip's College is Run

The education program is broad and well rounded and aims to bring out the best in body, mind and spirit.

Religious Education:
Every student must learn what being a Christian means and have the opportunity to worship God.

Intellectual Endeavour:
The College provides challenges and stimuli in its academic program and in all other activities that will kindle a response from all levels of ability.

Physical Endeavour:
The College aims to provide a wide range of physical activities to ensure that each student has the chance to develop physical skills and come to know the value of fitness and good health.

Creative Endeavour:
A wide range of creative activities is provided to give each student the opportunity to be fulfilled and gain in self knowledge through these imaginative pursuits.

The College provides the opportunity of a boarding education which will meet the needs of those who choose it, as well as make a positive contribution to the life of the school.

College Purpose

Preparing students to flourish, contribute and care in a rapidly changing world.

College Name

The Reverend Fred McKay was keen to give the new College the name of a saint. Feeling that explorer's names had been somewhat overdone in the district, he found a compromise in St Philip.

Philip the Evangelist was one of the famous seven deacons of the Church, all "men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom". (Acts 6:2)

Serving under the Apostles his role was to look after practical affairs in Jerusalem - looking after the widowed and the poor. Later, when the deacons took on the role of evangelists, or Christian missionaries, Philip was the first person to leave Jerusalem and get on the road to meet distant people. He is believed to have been instrumental in introducing Christianity into Africa.


College Motto: "To Strive, To Seek, To Care"

The College's motto not only embodies the Christian spirit upon which the College is founded, but is also relevant to a pioneering country and emphasises the direction the young need for their future, exciting journey through life. The College is a community that believes in developing within children faith, a firm educational foundation and a strong notion of right and wrong.

The College believes that young people must be encouraged to develop a strong belief in themselves and a realistic understanding of how they might fit constructively into the community if they are to face the future successfully.

The College Crest

Symbolises St Philip’s emphasis on Christian values and teaching.

Symbolises the home environment and isolation of many of the College’s residents and students.

Symbolises learning and the broadening of individual horizons, experiences and opportunities.

Symbolises the responsibility that people have to care for one another.

Symbolises academic, spiritual, social and personal growth.


Alice Springs is at the geographical centre of Australia, and is the unofficial capital of the Australian "Outback".

A regional centre for the pastoral, mining, defence and tourism industries, it has a population of more than 28,000 people and is well served by road, rail and air transport.

Alice Springs is approximately two hours by air from Darwin and Adelaide, and three hours from Sydney. The town has a busy, modern airport with daily services to all Australian capitals. There is a train link with Adelaide and Darwin and coach services to all States.

Alice Springs is located on the Stuart Highway, midway between Darwin and Adelaide, approximately 1500 kms, or 15 hours by road from each.

A modern town, with a young population, Alice Springs has outstanding sporting and recreational facilities, a vibrant arts and music community, and is an ideal base for exploring the scenic wonders of the Outback. It is the nearest major town to 'Uluru' (Ayers Rock), 450 km to the south west. More information about Alice Springs and its surrounding area can be found here.


St Philip's College Mission Statement

St Philip’s College will be the premier educational community in the Northern Territory and will be recognised nationally and internationally as one of Australia’s great schools.  This Christian College will be known for its commitment to excellence, its belief in the spiritual and moral basis of life, its understanding of community, the future and its unrelenting resolve to develop the holistic potential of its students.

St Philip’s College will be staffed by a highly professional team which accepts the importance of the life-long nature of learning and has a deep understanding of youth and education.  The College will be renowned for its positive, stimulating and enthusiastic environment where all members, staff, students and parents have a strong sense of belonging, where they promote a love of learning, are proud to achieve and work together to support fully the quest for personal excellence.