Music Tuition

St Philip’s College Performing Arts Department offers students the opportunity to take weekly lessons on a variety of instruments and in voice.

New students are accepted each Term. The cut-off week is Week 2 in any given Term, after that, students will be placed on a waiting list until the next Term.

Lesson Format
Lessons are 30 mins and are held during school hours. They are usually individual, but sometimes may in a small group. Students leave their normal timetabled class to attend their Music Tuition lesson. These are organised on a rotating basis in order to minimise the chance of the same subject being missed every week.
Lessons are scheduled once a week.

Bringing Instruments to School
All students (except piano and percussion students) need to bring their instrument to school on the day they are having their lesson. Instruments can be left on the shelves in the foyer of the Performing Arts Department. They should be taken home at the end of the day so that quality practice can be undertaken.

Lesson Attendance
A lot of effort goes into creating timetables for Music Tuition students. There should not be an expectation that students who habitually ‘forget’ to attend can reschedule their lesson to suit themselves.
If a lesson has been missed it may only be:
 rescheduled in the same week that it is missed, and
 at the discretion of the instrumental teacher and if the teacher’s timetable allows.
Please note: Missed lessons cannot be stockpiled.
If a student knows ahead of time that they will be absent from school, lessons should be rescheduled prior to the student not being at school.
If a student is away due to sickness they should make contact with their Music Tuition teacher as soon as possible upon returning to school as there may be a chance to reschedule.
From time to time there are unavoidable interruptions to the College’s weekly schedule, e.g. sports days, camps, public holidays and exams. As much as possible, these are taken into account when the Music Tuition timetables are compiled. If it is the College’s fault that a lesson has been missed, every effort will be made to reschedule it.
Parents can expect to receive an email notifying of students’ non-attendance to lessons. This will occur if the student was at school and no excuse had been given prior to the lesson.
Please be aware that it is not the responsibility of Music Tuition teaching staff to chase up students who are late or missing from their lesson.

Lesson Fees and Billing
The fee for Music Tuition lessons in 2018 for ALL instruments is $240 per term.
Please note that this fee is for a minimum of sixteen scheduled lessons per semester.
The above costs for Music Tuition lessons and, where applicable instrument hire, are added to your regular school account upon the commencement of tuition. If you cease lessons at any time during the year you may be eligible for a refund/credit (please see over for these details under “Cancellation of Lessons”).

Hiring of Instruments
It is essential that every student who enrols for Music Tuition lessons has the use of an instrument, whether it is owned, hired or borrowed.
The cost to hire a College instrument is $70 per Term.
College Owned Instruments The following instruments are owned by the College and available for hire: electric and acoustic drums, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, keyboard, guitar, trumpet, trombone, and violin. To hire one of the College’s instruments please fill in the appropriate details on the Application Form.
Hiring of Other Instruments It is possible for other instruments to be hired, e.g. tenor sax, cello or double bass. Please be aware that the cost of hiring a non-College instrument is different to the College instrument rate. If you wish to hire a non-College instrument it must be arranged with the Music Tuition Co-ordinator.

All hired instruments are taken home and treated as the student’s own during the time that they are taking lessons. At the end of each year it should be returned. All instruments need to be treated with great care. If a student wishes to continue lessons but no longer wishes to hire an instrument (because, say, they have purchased their own), then the Music Tuition Coordinator needs to be notified and the instrument returned. An apportioned fee for the Term will be charged.

Commencement of Lessons
Students will be notified by email at the start of each Term regarding the times of their lessons. There is a noticeboard outside the Music Tuition office with copies of the timetables for all instruments.

Cancellation of Lessons
Please follow these procedures if you wish to terminate
1. Notification must be given in writing/email to the Music Tuition Co-ordinator by Week 9 of the Term in which you plan to stop. A full Term’s fees will be charged for that Term and the student should continue lessons until the completion of the Term. It is possible for a refund to be given if the Co-ordinator is advised before the commencement of Week 3 of any Term that a student is not continuing. You will continue to be charged until the Music Tuition Co-ordinator has notification in writing of cancelled lessons whether the student attends lessons or not.
2. Any student who has not advised the Music Tuition Co-ordinator by Week 9 of any Term will be assumed to be continuing for the coming Term.
3. If an instrument has been hired, it must be returned in good condition and with all accessories. Otherwise the hirer will be liable for the cost for replacement of damaged or lost accessories.

Band and Choir

All Music Tuition students are automatically eligible for membership of school bands and the choir. However, membership is dependent upon whether the student’s Music Tuition teacher feels they have reached a standard whereby they can join. Membership is strongly encouraged. Band This band caters for music students of any age. Itis an EX activity and involves a weekly rehearsal usually during a lunchtime. Participation in band involves public performances and out of school commitment. The Pit Band for the school musical is
made up from Band members. Again membership is strongly encouraged, but is dependent on whether the student’s Music Tuition teacher feels they have reached a competency whereby they can meet the standard required. Choir This is also an EX activity open to all students who are interested in singing. Rehearsals for the choir are held one lunchtime per week. Participation in Choir involves the occasional public performance and out of school commitment.

AMEB Theory Exams
AMEB Theory lessons are now being offered. This will involve an extra cost if a student wishes to sit the exam. Students are encouraged to undertake the Australian Music Examination Board exams, especially if they are considering studying music as a subject in Years 11 and 12. Exams can be taken in any instrument, including voice. These exams provide an excellent way to goal set and acquire the theoretical knowledge that is music industry standard and is essential for studying music at a teritary level. Please talk to Mrs Kidd if you wish to prepare for an AMEB exam.

Expectations of Students who undertake Music Tuition

Please read the following information carefully and make sure both parents and students are aware of the expectations of Music Tuition students.
1. It is the responsibility of each student to remember to attend Music Tuition lessons regularly and make sure they are familiar with the lesson timetable. Music Tuition teachers are not expected to chase up students who ‘forget’ to attend. Each student will be shown where and how to read their timetable by their teacher in the first lesson.
2. Students are expected to practise their instrument at home and meet expectations as set by their teacher.
3. Students may be required to buy items such as tutor books, reeds, music, etc. as their teacher requests.
4. Music Tuition students need to be organised and have initiative in not falling behind in their regular class work. The method in which the music lessons are timetabled requires students to miss regular school lessons, so it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they catch up on any work missed or what homework may have been set.
5. Music Tuition lessons are formally reported on at the end of each Semester.
6. If students do not meet these expectations it will be recommended to their parents/guardians that they be withdrawn from lessons.
7. The agreement which a student and his/her parents make to take Music Tuition lessons will be for one year only. At the end of each year all students need to apply to continue lessons for the following year.

The St Philip’s College Performing Arts Department hopes that your child will enjoy their experience learning music. If you have any enquiries or problems please contact the Music Tuition Co-ordinator,
Mrs Kristina Kidd on 8950 4529, Monday – Thursday.