About SPC

Located in Alice Springs, capital of Outback Australia, St Philip's is a Uniting Church co-educational Boarding and Day School for students in Years 7 - 12. With strong academic excellence and a widely accredited Outdoor Education and Performing Arts program, St Philip's College provides opportunities for your child that will endeavour to develop their individuality, strengthen leadership skills and create a well rounded individual, prepared for life after school. 

St Philip's has an enrolment of 650 students, including 50 boarders.

The student body reflects Alice Springs' multi-cultural mix of people, most of whom have come from somewhere else. Their families include scientists, linguists, teachers, nurses, tradespeople, sociologists, anthropologists, palaeontologists, computer experts, defence personnel and a large American community servicing the US-Australia joint defence force facility at Pine Gap.

Conscious of its geographic isolation St Philip's works hard to ensure this is not a limiting factor for its students. From Years 7 to 12 students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities and opportunities which broaden their horizons.

Students are encouraged to strive for academic excellence and results obtained by the graduating class of 2021 reflect this. St Philip's graduates attend universities in all Australian states and the US, qualified to study everything from medicine to outdoor education, music to information technology.

The College's curriculum and extra curricular programs are designed to appeal to and challenge young people living and learning outside the mainstream of Australian urban society, while at the same time providing them with the key to it.

To be a world class school community that excels at: Striving, Seeking, Caring
Our Vision
St Philip’s College will be the premier educational community in the Northern Territory and will be recognised nationally and internationally as one of Australia’s great schools. This Christian College will be known for its commitment to excellence, its belief in the spiritual and moral basis of life, its understanding of community, the future and its unrelenting resolve to develop the holistic potential of its students. St Philip’s College will be staffed by a highly professional team which accepts the importance of the life-long nature of learning and has a deep understanding of youth and education. The College will be renowned for its positive, stimulating and enthusiastic environment where all members, staff, students and parents have a strong sense of belonging, where they promote a love of learning, are proud to achieve and work together to support fully the quest for personal excellence.
Our Mission
Preparing students to flourish, contribute and care in a rapidly changing world.
Our Purpose
To Strive, To Seek, To Care
Our Motto
Respect ~ Compassion ~ Integrity ~ Persistance ~ Responsibility ~ Accountability
Our Values