Book Orders

Text books are supplied by Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd, a company based in Adelaide. 

The College will send book lists to students in Term 4 with clear ordering instructions.
Books will be delivered to the students’ homes before the start of the 2020 school year.

The College became a member of Sustainable School Shop at the end of 2016.
This allows our parents to go onto the website and list their second hand books and uniforms for sale.
Alternatively, you are able to list a ‘wanted ad’ for any books or uniforms you would like to purchase second hand.
The College has paid the membership fee for all our parents to access this site for free.

Once registered with Sustainable School Shop, you can sell or buy second hand textbooks or uniforms, and the process is very similar to selling or buying on a ‘buy swap sell’ site, where the buyers contact the Sellers to arrange where and when to transact.

Also Buy & Sell                                  Pricing Guide
• Calculators                                       • Like New 70%               
• Sporting items                                  • Excellent 60%
• Musical items                                   • Very Good 50%
• Electronis & DVD’s                           • Good 40%  
• Stationary
• And lots more

You can register at