Parent Hub

This page is designed as a one-stop-shop for our parents. When you click on the tiles below, you will find the most frequently requested links and information on this page. You will also discover information about our welcoming Parents' and Friends' Association (P&FA), and as a parent or guardian you are a valued member of the SPC community.

School TV

The College offers many resources for parents. One of them is School TV. School TV - connects, informs and empowers parents to deal with the challenges of modern-day parenting. 

"Today’s parents, as well as schools, face unprecedented challenges in raising healthy and resilient kids. SchoolTV is a unique online platform providing ongoing guidance and realistic strategies from leading experts." Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

Topics covered by SchoolTV (which can be accessed by clicking on the button above) are the result of development research with schools, wellbeing officers, counsellors and parent focus groups and incorporates invaluable research taken from the Young and Well CRC around specific current day issues faced by today’s youth. 

Past editions of SchoolTV can be easily accesssed through our school’s personalised archive page. This page becomes a growing repository of topics with each publication. Every few weeks content is updated and aggregated to be inline with research sourced from multiple areas such as Orygen, BeyondBlue, Black Dog Institute, ReachOut, Universities and Government Agencies.

SchoolTV topics are divided into series. Below is a list of topics for current and future series:

Suicide and Self-harm
Drug and Alcohol Use

Social Media & Digital Reputation
Cybersafety & Grooming

Healthy Body Image (Boys & Girls)
Healthy Diet
Eating Disorders & OSFED

Raising Boys
Blended Families
Happiness and Gratitude
School Refusal