The Bridging 1 Program

The College recognises that for a variety of reasons some students entering at Year 7 will have problems coping in the mainstream classes.

In order to assist these students the College has established a program designed to:

- empower students who qualify with the skills to succeed in the mainstream at the College

- provide a friendly and supportive environment where students receive intensive assistance so that they can be "bridged" into mainstream classes where they should be able to cope with Year 7 work

- support and enhance the academic and social standards of the College.

Identification at the point of entry to the College is very important and parents are
asked to read the following criteria carefully and complete an application form -
(available from The Registrar (08) 8950 4501) if they believe their child fits these criteria.

As these students need intensive special assistance the College can only accept a small number of students at any one time.

This specialist program is designed with the student's particular needs in mind, and allow a small number of students to enter, and succeed in, the mainstream classes as soon as possible. The Bridging Program is not a long-term Special Education unit within the College. Students can spend from one to three terms in Bridging, although some special cases require more than two semesters.

Eligibility for the Bridging Program is based on the following set of criteria:

- an academic level which is no more than two years behind the student's prospective level of entry

- an acceptable behaviour record, with no indications of severe psychological problems or violent behaviour

- a valid reason for wanting to come to St Philip's College

- age not more than 14 years