Vice Chair - Mr John Huigen

John Huigen B.Sc., M.Sc., Grad.Dip. Audiology, Grad.Dip.Management (Business) - John's career is characterised by significant achievement and service in complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder, intercultural and often unpredictable environments through a combination of leadership, systemic and strategic analysis and action, innovation and entrepreneurialism, and capacity to bring disparate partners together to work for common purpose.

From senior management in the health, science and innovation environment from which Cochlear's now globally dominant Bionic Ear emerged John then led and transformed a $100M Aboriginal Council and its subsidiary health service, airline, transport and fuel businesses. As CEO of DKA, John grew a start-up committed to national innovation, intercultural advancement and collaborative impact - creating and driving new approaches to address 'stuck' problems in complex, intercultural remote Australia.

John's capacity to represent, influence and build networks has contributed to business revenue and growth and extended organisational impact as well as offering opportunities to realise his passion to make a difference. Leadership and governance through board appointments in the health, not-for-profit, community based and research sectors has provided an opportunity to contribute beyond the workplace.

John is now applying his experience and skills through Huigen Advisory to help boards and senior leaders achieve their mission. John's focus is on helping leaders achieve what they need, rather than shoe-horning people to fit 'products'. This includes coaching leaders to rethink their situation, establish a clearer understanding of where they want to 'land', helping to establish the strategy to get there and providing support, capacity and building the capability for leaders to lead that journey so that they and their organisation can thrive. He also works in achieving systemic change through collaborative impact initiatives. The University of Melbourne, Arup, NT Education Department, Australia Post, Swinburne University number amongst his past and present clients.

John continues his long-standing commitment to contributing the reframing on Indigenous affairs in remote Australia, innovating intercultural leadership programs, and harnessing the positive opportunities of technology.