Mr Colin Gillmore AM

Mr Colin Gillmore AM always had an unshakeable belief in the College and was a wonderful pillar of the St Philip's College community. Not only was he a leader in the hard wise world of financial decision making, but he took individual students and staff to heart, valuing and cherishing them. Though he lived on the east coast he became a much loved integral part of our community, supporting the College through thick and thin and was responsible for brokering vital assistance in critical situations. When things sometimes looked dark in the 1990's, Colin regularly turned on the light.

Colin's first contribution to St Philip's College was in 1963, when as a Trustee of the NSW Presbyterian Property Trust in Sydney, Colin signed the lease for the land on which the College was to be built.

In November 2004, St Philip's College appointed Colin as its second Life Governor. Life Governor is an honour reserved for those who have made an outstanding contribution to the College.

Colin's service to St Philip's, was given over many years and in a voluntary capacity. A friend and an admirer of College Founder, Rev Dr Fred McKay and a believer in Flynn's vision for Outback Australia, Colin saw his involvement as his contribution to provide a mantel of safety to people in the outback.

Colin's extensive knowledge of Church and school finances, as well as his ability to recognise the particular needs of a new school were fundamental to St Philip's growth and development since 1990, the year after it enrolled its first students. Furthermore his outstanding professional reputation encouraged the Church to have confidence in providing financial assistance for the fledgling school.

In 1997 Colin accepted the invitation to become Patron of Griffiths House, remaining in that role until his death in 2012. Colin will always remain a member of the College Community. The beauty of a campus he helped build is his memorial and his story, an inspiration and example to each and every one of us. A true Outback Achiever.

Stanley Colin Gillmore AM passed away peacefully on 30 September, 2012.