Dr Charles Butcher OAM

Charles's vision to ensure that children of Central Australia had a world class education came to fruition with his involvement at St Philip's College.

Born in Rochester, Victoria, Dr Butcher MBBS, FRCS (Glasgow), FRACS was on the College Board for 32 years.

Appointed to the College Board by the Uniting Church Synod, Dr Butcher was the Chairman of the Board for 19 years.

When he retired, Dr Butcher kept active with interests such as cycling, woodwork, medicine, St Philip’s, the Uniting Church and gardening. During his long career, Dr Butcher worked in the Kimberleys and Perth in Western Australia and Scotland.

Having lived in Alice Springs for over 30 years, Dr Butcher saw how difficult it could be to keep professional workers in town. One motivation to see St Philip’s succeed was to guide the progress of the College to its present level where it offers an excellent education comparable to many private schools around the country. By doing this, it helps keep skilled workers in Alice Springs and in turn it helps the town’s development.

Dr Charles William Butcher OAM
29.07.1937 - 14.04.2022