Principal's Messages

Apr 07, 2020

Dear Parents, 

We live in an extraordinary time in history. 

As we commence this period of remote online learning and increased physical isolation, it is important to consider how we can remain connected while supporting each other in doing so. The wellbeing benefits of regular human interaction are vast and during this period of uncertainty, it will be more important than ever to factor this in to our daily routine. 

Regular contact with teachers and pastoral staff via Schoolbox/TEAMS and other online platforms is very important. Please ensure that you are making the most of these opportunities. We also encourage the use of technology to stay connected with your friends outside of scheduled class time. This is particularly relevant for those students who may be feeling particularly isolated due to their location. If technology or Wi-Fi is not available, there are still the options of text messages, phone calls or letter writing. 

The transfer to online learning may mean that parents have the opportunity to support the learning of their child, as well as encouraging other activities outside of scheduled learning time. There may also be the opportunity for meaningful conversations about current global challenges. In the online learning programme, you will receive brainbreaks, mindfulness and wellbeing practices. It is important to promote a sense of calm, focus and connection during this period of uncertainty and I suggest that you practise meditation at various times, so you maintain perspective. 

I certainly wish everyone the absolute best in these challenging and uncertain times which I’m sure will pass and be relegated to the annals of history. 

Be Kind Always, 

Roger Herbert


Dear Parents,

We are definitely living in interesting times and at the moment we are all being inundated with information about COVID-19.

From a parents’ perspective I am being very conscious of the way I’m reacting to the issue in front of my own children. Our kids are watching us and watching how we are responding during this time of uncertainty. As a proponent of Positive Education now is a time that we can assist our kids to be resilient. How do we do that? We can ask them how they are feeling about everything happening. We can answer their questions with facts, not alarmist theories, we can be more patient with them, we can ask them what they need in the way of practical things if the time comes and they do have to do lessons at home (I just want to reiterate, that at the moment we are not expecting this to happen, but preparing our kids gives them a sense of being in control of certain aspects of their lives).

I would also be reminding students that they are in the best possible age bracket and the risk to them is
extraordinarily low. With many events and sporting competitions being postponed or cancelled, it is still vital that we all exercise and keep active. Keeping our social connections is also vital and maintaining our sense of humour assists everyone.

In my emails this week I have outlined the different measures the College has put in place or is putting
in place in the event the College does need to close. 

•Our teaching staff are learning how we can best deliver our online academic program and we will attempt to keep the students as close as possible to their current timetable.

•The nature of this program will vary according to the subject, and will be led by our curriculum, digital
technology and information technology leaders.

•We introduced the following protocols for anyone visiting the campus, and these will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Please do not visit the College, and do not send your child to school if any of the following apply:
   •If you display any form of cold or flu like symptoms 
   •If you have been exposed to someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 
   •If you have returned from overseas from midnight Sunday 15 March (as mandatory 2 weeks isolation
     procedures are in place) 

Unfortunately we have had to make the following changes to the College program as of Monday 16 March 2020.
•The Inter-School Swimming Carnival scheduled for this Friday 20 March has been postponed.
•The College Swimming Carnival scheduled for Friday 27 March has been postponed until Term 4 and
the normal school program will be running that day. 
•Our College assemblies will not be running for the time being, due to the Federal government stipulation that there be no gatherings of more than 500 people.
•The College Cross Country event will be taking place on the last day of term (with a modified schedule)which means the Inter-House Quiz portion of that day is cancelled. 
•Work Experience for Year 10 students in Week 9 has been postponed. Those students who would have been on Work Experience will have normal classes that week. 
•School Tours scheduled for Sunday 29 March are postponed for later in the year.
•Year 12 Retreat in Week 10 is going ahead as planned. I’m reminding everyone that good hygiene is in our hands. Washing our hands thoroughly and practising other good hygiene habits will assist.

Please also heed the advice of the health authorities. Up-to-date information can be found here:

At times like this our community is so important and supporting each other is vital. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. Some people may be feeling a little anxious, and if
you wish to speak with someone, please remember organisations like Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636) and for our youth, Headspace are just some of the organisations available.

I will continue to keep you informed of any further changes and I apologise for all the inconveniences.
Be kind always,

Roger Herbert