Academic Results 2021

Congratulations to College Captain, Bobby Zeng who placed 3rd in the NT with an ATAR of 99.40 together with Max Duffell 98.40, Owen Chenhall 98.25 and Declan Pascoe 97.55 who placed in the Top 20. Bobby also attained an A+ Merit in Chemistry.

Matthew Townsend, Michael Harrison, Eliza Freidel, Thea Wischusen, Alwin Kachappilly, Lucien Freidel, Scarlett Worrall, Lucy Brash, College Captain, Anna Scott and Jessica McNamara are also to be commended on attaining an ATAR over 90.

St Philip’s Top Aboriginal student for 2021 was Lara Espie, and the hard work by the 15 students above, together with the 12 students who achieved an ATAR over 80 are results of which they should be proud.

St Philip’s Employment Pathways students had for the 7th year in a row a 100% completion rate as the College believes strongly in the opportunity to provide a broad based education crossing all areas.

Due to the hard work, dedication, commitment and support of our teachers and staff it allowed all students the opportunity to excel. Thank you also to the immense support from the students’ families and friends.

Academic Awards are given for outstanding performance at all year levels - Year 12 Graduation and Years 7-11 Academic Assemblies. Congratulations to the Year 12 students listed below for receiving the following awards in 2021.

View a comprehensive list of award recipients from Year 12 Graduation

View a comprehensive list of award recipients from the Special Awards Assembly Middle School 

View a comprehensive list of award recipients from the Special Awards Assembly Senior School

View a comprehensive list of award recipients from the Subject Award Winners Years 7 - 11

Year 12 Award 2021 Year 12 Recipient 2021
Year 12 Indigenous Student Certificate of Merit (NT Board of Studies Prize)
Lara Espie
Year 12 Achievement Award (NT Board of Studies Prize)
Delisha Malthouse
Year 12 Certificate of Merit (NT Board of Studies Prize)
Bobby Zeng
Dux of the College
Bobby Zeng
Bobby Zeng
English Literary Studies
Bobby Zeng
Music Studies
Bobby Zeng
Specialist Mathematics
Bobby Zeng
Mathematical Methods
Max Duffell
Max Duffell & Alwin Kachappilly
Japanese Continuers
Max Duffell & Thea Wischusen
General Mathematics
Anna Scott
Jayla Shacklady
Scarlett Worrall
Jayla Shacklady & Scarlett Worrall
Essential Mathematics
Lindsey Steinbrenner
Legal Studies
Lucy Brash
Lucy Brash & Clara Yffer
Alexsandra Thorogood
Physical Education
Ellie Herbert
Modern History
Eliza Freidel
Essential English
Lily Allen
Workplace Practices
Lily Allen
Community Studies A
Lily Allen
Community Studies B
Delisha Malthouse
Music Explorations
Hugo Byrnes
Flynn Tuckwell
Patsy Ryan Betts
Business Innovation
Casey Snelling
Archie Donohoe
Jessica McNamara
Material Products
Gabriel Hughes
Science Achiever Award
Matt Townsend
Year 12 Effort and Determination
Isaih Campbell
Principal's Prize for Outstanding Leadership within the College
Anna Scott & Bobby Zeng
Principal's Award for Dedication to Duty
Anna Scott
Niko Becker Award
Patsy Ryan Betts & Anna Scott
Des Vida Award
Patsy Ryan Betts
Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award
Patsy Ryan Betts
Australian Defence Force 2020 - Future Innovators Award
Max Duffell
Brad Morris Award - for being an outstanding mentor to younger students
Max Duffell & Andre Kim
Student Citizen Award 2022
Max Duffell
Mr Shaun Student Community Service Award
Owen Chenhall
Butcher Award for Outstanding Effort
Delisha Malthouse
Member for Braitling Community Service Award
Michael Harrison
Member for Araluen Leadership Support Award
Ellie Hookey
Araluen Arts Award
Jessica Head
Ambassador's Award
Augustine Gapinski
Christian Leadership Award
Joyce Gahani
Liani Nappi Arts Award
Natasha Bond
Dr Bruce Reid Memorial Award - for initiative and creativity
Patsy Ryan Betts
The Heaslip Award; 'In Pursuit of Excellence'
Bobby Zeng
Outback Achiever 2021
Franca Frederiksen