Computer Managed Device Programme 2023

St Philip’s College is a Microsoft Surface Gold School, an exclusive community of Australian schools that are using Microsoft's Surface devices in highly innovative ways and are committed to a future-focused learning environment.

In 2020 the College introduced the Managed Device Programme for all students in Years 9 to 12. In our endeavour to constantly improve and refine our programmes we will be making some changes to the programme for 2022. The all NEW Managed Device Programme 2022 is designed to alleviate financial pressures and guarantee students use an optimal device in line with their learning needs and that our IT department and teachers can support. The mandatory programme has had to be adapted due to curriculum requirements, supplier constraints and market availability; it will also be an integral component for student learning as St Philip’s progresses with the roll out of the Schoolbox learning platform.

What does this mean for you?  

The Managed Device Programme means you’re not simply purchasing the device from the College, it is a complete device management and support programme.

You will receive:
- 4 year – device warranty – (the current program through The School Locker is only 3 years). 
- 3 year - Accidental Damage Protection cover
- Hotswap Service* – students present a damaged device to the IT department and they will receive a replacement device (*conditions will apply)
- All required software licensing and updates
- Complete security protection suite (Malware & Antivirus)
- Safe and secure web browsing at school and at home
- Full IT support

All parents in the programme will be required to make a selection from the options listed below, this will be done via an online form which will be emailed to you and available on the College's website, alternatively you can visit Reception to fill in your preference.  

Payment options available are:

1. Pay for the program upfront $1,950 ($100 discount) 
    Laptop can be collected in December 2021
2. Payment Plan – 4 x $450 instalments over 4 years + $250 final buyout payment.
    Total cost: $2,050
    Laptop will be ready January 2022 before school commences

Cost comparison - College vs retail outlet
If the laptop was purchased with warranty, hard case protection, Office365 licensing, custom applications, IT support, hot swap support etc., it would retail at more than $2600. There is quite a significant savings when purchased through the College.

What do you need to do right now?

- Please read the Q & A’s below, as many of your questions may be answered there.
- In addition, you will receive a link to a recorded Information Video on Tuesday 28 September where you will be able to hear about the programme in    more detail.
- After listening to the Information Video you will be sent a link to an online form where you will select the payment plan that best suits your needs.

Questions and Answers about the Programme

1.      What does the Managed Device Programme offer?
The Managed Device Programme (MDP) means the College takes on the responsibility of procuring the hardware; picking the best-in-class device suited for the future of the students; deployment to each student in a seamless and intuitive manner; provide students with automatically installed applications typically not available when purchasing at a retail outlet. This includes: College purchased software like Adobe Indesign & Studio1, Office365 apps like Word, Excel, Outlook and enhanced Wi-Fi priority for a better and faster browsing experience.

A high level of protection and security is also included which allows the students to be safe and guarded from malicious attacks at home, not just at school.

Warranty and Accidental Damage cover, not typically offered on consumer laptops, is handled by the College’s IT department.

2.      Is this a mandatory programme?

This will be a mandatory requirement for all students in Year 9, and all new students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2022. The College will not be supporting BYO devices from 2022, therefore it will be mandatory for all students to be part of the programme. We recommend parents consider the payment options listed on page 1 that best suit your needs.

3.      Can the MDP Surface Laptops be used outside of the school and other schools in the future?
Absolutely, outside of the support and network of St Philip’s College the Surface Laptop is a fully functioning premium device, which far exceeds any minimum specification requirements. As you will eventually own the device it comes fully featured with Windows 10 ready to use anywhere for years to come.

4.      Is there any spyware on these devices that the school installs to monitor the students?
Absolutely no spyware is deployed or installed on these devices from the school. We believe the security and protection of our students to be of the highest priority, and that’s where the applications we offer are internet protection and local antivirus only. At no point is there a reason to monitor cameras, view desktops etc, in fact most of that ability is only available in movies or with very expensive software generally outside of a school’s budget!

5.      Is there a camera on the laptop and can it be used?
There is a front facing camera which is used for Online Learning, Teams meetings and logging on to the laptop using facial recognition, however we will not use this for remote access or viewing remotely. There are even security measures put in place in both Windows 10 and the firewall to prevent access to cameras.

6.      Do the students have admin rights to their Surface device and can they install software at home?
Yes, all students will have admin rights to their laptop by default, this means they can install applications outside of the College’s recommended apps.

7.      How does the laptop become ‘free’ from the school network once the student leaves or finishes, especially if it is purchased outright?
Once a student finishes school or leaves, their device is unenrolled by the IT department UPON REQUEST, that means that it exits our ‘managed’ environment and enters a normal out of the box environment, allowing the student to log in to the device like a normal everyday laptop. Any existing files and data would be downloaded and available to the student, however access to their SPC online OneDrive and Office365 account would be closed.

8.      When the laptop is ‘unenrolled’ and exits the College’s ‘managed’ environment, does the software remain on the laptop?
Windows 10 will remain, and an account will be created on the device to allow the student to login locally. Office365 will remain as it’s subscription based. This means that if parents have a subscription you can enter your subscription details to reactivate it if you would like. All other software, antivirus and St Philip’s apps and online applications are removed.

9.      What do I get in the Managed Device Programme package?
The package contains:

- Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 - 13.5", i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB M.2 SSD, Touch screen
- STM Dux hard case protection
- 65 watt fast charger with USB port

What is optional:

Available at the Uniform Shop is:

- A selection of STM laptop bags and sleeves
- Replacement 65W Surface chargers
- Replacement STM Dux hard cases

Up Front Payment – if you select this option, the College will invoice you and you will make the payment prior to the collection of the laptop.

Yearly instalment – if you select this option, the amount will be added to your account and will be paid via the normal instalment system that exists for the school fees. If the student leaves St Philip’s prior to the completion of 4 years, you will be required to pay the balance owing.

10. What happens if the student has a problem with their laptop? Where do they go and how can they fix it?
Each student is covered under a 4-year warranty and damage protection, meaning if there is a legitimate fault with the device or it received an accidental cracked screen, it will be replaced directly with a hot-swap device. Their account will be automatically migrated over, and all they need to do is bring it to the St Philip’s IT department and fill out a damage form. If the damage requires replacement under the Accidental Damage Protection cover then there is a possible excess of approximately $150 to be paid by the student or parent. Warranty cover is handled by the school at no cost. The Accidental Damage Protection cover, covers two claims for your device.

In the event the device is stolen we will work with the parents to provide a replacement to the student while investigating appropriate insurance cover.

11. How do we go about purchasing the laptop?
It is all done through the College - no parent purchasing is required. PLEASE do not purchase any device from a retail outlet or privately, this includes purchasing similar devices from a reseller. They will not work when brought to school.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your preferred payment plan: 

As previously mentioned, the payment options available are:

Payment Option 1 - Up Front Payment – if you select this option, the College will invoice you and you will make the payment prior to the collection of the laptop.

Payment Option 2 - Yearly instalment – if you select this option, the amount will be added to your account and will be paid via the normal instalment system that exists for school fees. If the student leaves St Philip’s prior to the completion of 4 years, you will be required to pay the balance

12. How and where do we collect it?
If you select Payment Option 1 - students can collect their laptops from the IT Department next to the Library as of December 2021. We will advise ASAP if available sooner.

If you select Payment Option 2 (yearly instalments over 4 years) - students can collect their laptops from the IT Department next to the Library as of January 2022 before school commences.

13. When do I need to make my selection for the 2022 Managed Device Programme?
You must respond to the online form (to be sent to you in the next few weeks) or contact Reception by 1st December 2021.