Computer Managed Device Programme 2021

St Philip’s College is a Microsoft Surface Gold School, an exclusive community of Australian schools that are using Microsoft's Surface devices in highly innovative ways and are committed to a future-focused learning environment. 

In Australia, education is going through a digital revolution. The gig economy, robotics and cognitive technologies are affecting education, skills and careers.

Understanding the impact of these is crucial to ensuring St Philip’s College students are well-prepared for the future. We do this by providing a balanced holistic education and preparing students for the digital world yet also ensuring they have good interpersonal and social skills. This balance is delicate.

As stated in our current computing policy …

‘St Philip’s is committed to creating a 21st century learning environment which empowers its students and enhances the use of technology in their learning...’

We are committed to providing students with the best possible learning environment, as well as complying with the seven ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) general capabilities in which students should be supported to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens in ‘information and communication technology’. In addition, many of the senior exams will be online so it is important that students acquire the appropriate computer skills to do their best. We also hope to protect students from the influx of cyber breaches by providing a safe computing environment when students are either at school or home.

This is an exciting time, and the College has made substantial investment in Information Technology (IT) over the last few years and can now offer students (and staff) a much more powerful service to enhance teaching and learning. So much so, that as from 2020 the College has expanded its students' computing use. All Year 9 and 10 students and all NEW Year 9, 10 ,11 & 12 students to St Philip’s College from 2020 now operate under the Managed Device Programme.

We have engaged a company, School Locker, (who supply many Australian schools with their computer needs), and provide St Philip’s College with computers. Please note: We will limit the choice and type of computers on the St Philip’s College School Locker website to Microsoft devices only, so all computers on the St Philip’s College digital network have acceptable operational specifications and similar operational systems. Therefore, there is the expectation that parents will acquire a computer through School Locker or will purchase an identical, approved model (as shown on the School Locker site) through an alternative site. Some of the reasons for this are …

• Increase the stability and functioning speed of our school Wi-Fi network, which is currently slowed by
   devices with poor operational speed, typically legacy (older) Wi-Fi cards found in low end laptops.

• By limiting the choice to a small number of proven computing devices, it will enable improved
   educational teaching and learning outcomes.

• Due to our purchasing power, we can buy quality computers and provide them at a lower cost.

• Provide a high level of cyber, malware, antivirus and data protection.

Managed Device Programme Questions and Answers

Surface Laptop 3 Offers

Please note that all Year 12 students in 2021 can remain connected to our system using their current
computer until they leave St Philip’s College. In 2022, all students will be on the Managed Device Programme.

Additional Information: 

There are significant advantages of SPC becoming a Microsoft School. 
They are …

• Global recognition of industry standards, security and software

• Education licensing offering the most advanced applications and tools for both teachers and students

• Proven protection and scalability in email services, collaborative tools and cloud storage

• Access to a large array of Microsoft eLearning, training and certifications

• Complete service level support for all students and teachers to help with any issues within the
   Office365 environment

• Deployment tools to make provisioning and setup of your laptops a simple and streamline experience

• Providing our students the leading technologies to help secure their knowledge and lead them into the
   workforce with real-world skills

By joining the Managed Device Programme you will receive:

• A fully functional Microsoft device with all the SPC programs and tools installed and ready to use

• Laptop protection sleeve or bag with custom logo

• An optional Microsoft Surface pen to offer excellent interaction, drawing and writing directly on the

By joining the Managed Device Programme you could receive:

• Monthly reports of all user internet activity

• Highly secured laptop to protect against cyber and malware attacks but offering usability and freedom
   both at school and at home

• Zero setup and deployment steps, your laptop will enrol and install all applications and emails just by
   adding your St Philip’s College account to Windows

• Improved browsing speeds, Wi-Fi performance and application access that St Philip’s College has to

• Full 3 year, next business day warranty protection including advanced accidental protection cover, not
   available to most consumer grade laptops found online and at retail shops

• Your own Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, unparalleled hardware quality and performance